Getting Started

How to update my Rentastic billing information?

This article is designed to be your primary resource for efficiently and securely updating your billing information. Whether you need to modify your credit card details, update contact information, or transition to a different payment method, rest assured that we have all your needs covered. Within the ADMINISTRATION section of your Rentastic account, go to […]

How to Sign Up and Register for a Rentastic Account

Signing up and registering for a Rentastic account is simple. This can be done from either the website, or via our mobile app. Begin by selecting “Register” from the home page: Next, enter in the required information into the first four fields like so: After clicking “Register”, you will be sent a verification email […]

How Does Rentastic Keep My Bank Data Safe?

Security is Rentastic’s #1 Priority We Use Bank-grade Encryption Rentastic was designed from the ground up, with security in mind. With multiple layers of security, Rentastic keeps your financial data safe and secure. We think it’s important to mention that Rentastic has NO ability whatsoever to physically touch your bank funds. You can’t move your […]

Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Rentastic is designed to be quick, and simple. In a matter of minutes, you can be up and running, classifying transactions like a pro. Let’s get on to a quick start! Create an Account Creating an account is about as simple as you’d think. Head on over to the Register page, and […]

I did not receive my verification email

Before you can begin using Rentastic, you must have a verified e-mail address. For whatever reason, sometimes verification emails get blocked by certain providers. If that’s the case, please try the following: Double check the verification email did not get sent to your Spam box. Reach out to us by emailing “support at rentastic dot […]

How to Add a Property

The following steps show how to add a property to Rentastic via the Desktop-version. The mobile version is not described here, but the steps are very similar. From the main screen, select “Properties” from the left menu Click “Add Property” from the top-right corner Fill out the information provided in the next screen. After filling […]

How to Use the Dashboard

Using the Rentastic dashboard is pretty straight-forward. Immediately after registering for an account, you’ll be brought to this screen: You’ll notice that your dashboard doesn’t show any data yet. No data will be shown until you’ve completed the first two steps, which are: Adding your first property Linking your bank accounts Once these two tasks […]

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