How to Export Cash Flow Report for All Properties

Our team is diligently looking for ways to improve the Rentastic app. As of the moment though, we do not support generating an all-in-one cash flow report for multiple properties that you added.  Don’t worry though, you are still able to export cash flow reports for each property and have yourself or your bookkeeper consolidate […]

Why Are Some Categories Missing on my P&L Statement?

There are a number of categories that are not listed on your P&L Statement, because they are not tax deductible expenses, per the IRS. For example, categories such as “Mortgage Payment”, “Down Payment”, and “Transfer” are not valid expenses, because money is not actually leaving your pocket. You’re simply moving money from one location to […]

Why Aren’t Mortgage Payments Listed on my P&L?

“Mortgage Payment” is not listed on your Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, because mortgage payments are not a tax-deductible expense per the IRS. While the mortgage payment itself is not deductible, the interest portion of the payment is. Because there are so many variables that go into calculating mortgage payments, Rentastic does not track the […]

How Can I Generate a P&L Statement for a Single Property?

Rather than generating a Profit and Loss statement for your entire portfolio all at once, you may have the need to generate a report for an individual property. You can do so by selecting the “Profit and Loss Statement by Profit” from the “Reports” page, or by clicking here. Keep in mind that many reports […]

Can I Export All of My Transactions?

You bet! That’s a piece of cake. To export all your transactions and classifications, you must be a paid member. Click on “Reports” from the left-side menu Click on the “Generate Report” button under “Bulk Transaction Export” Select your options, such as your dates and preferred export format (Excel or CSV), and then click on […]

I Need a Custom Report

Right now, we don’t have the ability baked into Rentastic for users to build a custom report. However, be sure to request it via the Feature Request form so our developers can know that additional reports are needed. You may see your request make it to the reports page!

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