How to update my Rentastic billing information?

This article is designed to be your primary resource for efficiently and securely updating your billing information. Whether you need to modify your credit card details, update contact information, or transition to a different payment method, rest assured that we have all your needs covered. Within the ADMINISTRATION section of your Rentastic account, go to […]

How Do I Change My Email Address Or Password?

Change Email Address At this time, it is not possible to update or change the e-mail address associated with your Rentastic account on your end. Don’t worry! We can still help you. In case you need to update your email address, reach out to our Support Team by going to Contact Us and selecting Type: […]

How Do I Permanently Delete My Account?

We’re sad to see you go! If you’re unhappy with something, please reach out to us via the Feedback page to see if we can’t help figure something out.   If you’d still like to cancel/delete your account, you can do so easily with the following steps: Via Desktop Select “Settings” from the left-side menu.  […]

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