Why Isn’t Capital One Supported by Rentastic?

Rentastic uses a third-party banking API, called Plaid, that allows us to connect to your bank or credit card provider and import your bank transactions. While this may look like a technical issue, it is not. The connection between Plaid, and Capital One has been a long standing issue. Plaid continues to push for negotiations […]

Rentastic is having trouble connecting to one of my bank accounts

From time-to-time, Rentastic may lose connection with your bank account, making it impossible to import future transactions. When this happens, you’ll receive an email stating “We’re having trouble connecting to your bank account(s)”. Resolving this issue is very simple.   Log into your Rentastic dashboard Click on “Bank Accounts” from the left-side menu (or within […]

My Bank Account Isn’t Available

We use a third-party called Plaid to import you bank transactions. Although Plaid supports thousands of banks and institutions, it’s still possible that yours may not be available. Unfortunately, if your bank account isn’t listed, there’s not too much that we can do. But please reach out to us to see if there’s anything further […]

How Many Bank Accounts Can I Link?

As a free user, you’re limited to 2 bank accounts. As a paid member, you can link as many bank accounts as you’d like.

My Bank isn’t listed under “Link Accounts”.

Rentastic uses a third-party service called Plaid to link to your bank accounts and other financial institutions, in order to import transactions. Plaid works with thousands of the most popular banks, credit unions, and credit card companies. However, there may still be some bank accounts that are not supported. Capital One, for example, is a […]

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