Countries Catered by Rentastic Beyond U.S.

Rentastic, a groundbreaking software designed exclusively for rental property owners, often receives a recurring user query: Does Rentastic extend its support to countries beyond the United States? Currently, Rentastic’s assistance is limited to the United States market, operating solely with USD currency. Despite recognizing the potential benefits of branching into countries such as Canada, we […]

What are ‘Other’ Categories?

When you select the ‘Categories’ dropdown within Rentastic, you’ll notice that towards the bottom is a section called ‘Other’. These categories are to classify transactions that are neither ‘Income’ OR ‘Expenses’. For example, classifying a transaction as a ‘Transfer’ allows you to move money between various accounts, but does not actually count as a tax […]

My Image Uploaded Upside Down

Sometimes when you upload an image to Rentastic, it doesn’t quite look right. Often times, this happens when uploading an image taken from an iPhone or similar. To fix this, you have two options: Choose a different photo Edit the original photo in an image-manipulation program (like Photoshop or similar), rotate the image properly, and […]

Rent Estimate Accuracy of Rentastic

Rent Estimate is a feature provided to paid members to quickly and easily figure out what your unit should rent for based off your specific zip code. These estimates are instant, and you can run as many of them as you’d like.   Although we try to get these estimates as close to accurate as […]

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