What is Rentastic? Who is it designed for?

What is Rentastic? Rentastic is a piece of software developed with real estate investors in mind. Its purpose is to help automate your business by tracking property income and expenses. That way you can spend more time working ON your business, rather than trying to manage receipts.

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Is it required that I link a bank account?

It’s not required, but it’s highly recommended. You can manually add transactions yourself, but linking a bank account ensures that transactions automatically get imported as new purchases are made, and will make your life much easier.

What was the idea behind Rentastic?

The creators of Rentastic are real estate investors themselves! After trying dozens of different pieces of account and expense tracking software, such as Quickbooks, we got fed up. Too many pieces of software were trying to be the end-all be-all for every business, and they never seemed to cater well to real estate. For that reason, we’ve created Rentastic, which is designed specifically with rental properties in mind.

How much does Rentastic subscription cost?

Rentastic is free to get started. You can link your bank accounts, import transactions, add properties, and begin classifying everything to your hearts content. As your business grows, Rentastic charges $199/yr to add more than two properties, and generate end-of-year tax statements.

How do you keep my bank account information safe?

We don’t store any of your sensitive data, such as username and passwords. Ever. Period. Rentastic uses a service called Plaid to link to your bank account and import your transactions. For security purposes, whenever you link a bank account, Plaid creates a third party link using access and public tokens to allow us to import bank information. Your username and password are never sent across the internet or stored in our databases, meaning your data is 100% safe. You can read more about that on Plaid’s website.

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