How do you scan or attach receipts to a transaction?

Receipt scanning is a feature only available to paid users. To attach a receipt to a transaction on the main website: Click on the date of the transaction to which you’d like to attach a receipt. This will allow you to edit the transaction directly. On the transaction edit page, click “Upload Receipt Image” Select […]

My transactions only go back 6 months

By default, Rentastic only shows 6-months worth of transactions. This is done to help the page load quickly. You can easily change this to your liking under Settings. Click “Settings” from the left-side menu Under the “General” tab, select your preferred length.

I’m missing some of my latest transactions

You may have made some recent transactions, but they are still ‘Pending’. Rentastic tries to import bank transactions as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are delays. Rentastic tries to do a good job of detecting when new transactions haven’t imported for a while. For example, you may have a credit card linked to Rentastic, […]

Can I manually add transactions?

Yes! Manually adding transactions is easy. From the transaction page, simply click the “Add Transaction” button. You can also add transactions manually through the mobile app, by selecting the “Transactions” tab from the bottom menu, and then clicking the green “+” from the top-right corner.

How far back does transaction data go?

We work hard to provide as much historical data as possible. However, there are limiting factors in the amount of information an institution (bank) holds and the length of time a user has had an account. All of these factors can play a part in how much data we can actually acquire when you first […]

How do I split a transaction?

The split transactions feature is only available to paid users. Splitting a transaction allows you to split a single transaction into two or more separate transactions. This is useful, for example, if you’re paying one contractor for doing work on two properties, but you want to track them separately. To split a transaction: On the […]

Can I Export All of My Transactions?

You bet! That’s a piece of cake. To export all your transactions and classifications, you must be a paid member. Click on “Reports” from the left-side menu Click on the “Generate Report” button under “Bulk Transaction Export” Select your options, such as your dates and preferred export format (Excel or CSV), and then click on […]

When should I classify a transaction to my “Entire Portfolio”?

Often times, there are transactions that don’t quite apply to one specific property. Rather than assigning that transaction to one property in particular, we can assign it to your entire portfolio. For example, let’s say you purchase some printer paper or a new ink cartridge, to be used to print lease agreements for ALL of […]

How Do I Make a Transaction “Not Count” Against My Income/Expenses?

The best way to stop a transaction from counting against either your income OR your expenses is to classify it as a “Transfer”. Common tasks that often fall into this category include moving money from one account to another, or making a credit card payment. See also: What are ‘Other’ Categories?

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