How to Remove Duplicate Transactions

Rentastic added a new way for users to identify duplicate transactions ensuring an accurate report. Archived Tab The Archived tab presents the list of all transactions that were either deleted or marked as a duplicate by our duplicate transaction logic. Review and Audit Simply click on the ‘Archived’ tab to view all the deleted or […]

What Happens to My Pending Transactions Within 48 Hours

To streamline our user’s transaction list, we have added a feature wherein transactions will be hidden if it remains pending for 48 hours.  No need to worry, an update from the bank will put it back on the transactions list.

How to Delete My Transactions?

This article explains how you can delete bank transactions entered or imported in error. Before we go on how to do that, just a quick reminder that deleting transactions is irreversible. In any case that you may have deleted a transaction by mistake, here’s a quick guide on how you can manually add a transaction. […]

How To Search Your Transactions?

Rentastic gives you the ability to search for your transactions – whether you want to view them for individual properties or for certain categories, we have that available for you. Here’s a quick guide to finding your transactions with the search function. Go to Transactions. From Search Transactions, you will find filters you can use […]

How to customize your viewable transactions?

Some users prefer seeing all transactions and for some, it works best to see 3 to 6 months worth of transactions. Rentastic gives you the freedom to adjust your transactions based on your preferences. To do this, click on Settings located on the menu bar under Extra. Under ‘Only display transactions from:’, pick your preferred […]

Why Can’t I See my Pending Transactions?

Based on feedback from our users, we have removed the visibility of Pending transactions to the Rentastic app. You don’t have to worry though, because as soon as the transaction is posted to your bank, it will still appear under the Transactions tab.

How to Manually Import My Transactions in Bulk?

It’s best to link your bank account so Rentastic can do the work for you and make sure that your transactions are automatically available on the app without you having to do it manually. But if you prefer to manually import your transactions, here’s a quick guide on how to do that.  From the left […]

How Should I Classify Returns?

Many users have asked how to classify a “return” in Rentastic. This is very simple. For this example, we’ll assume you purchased materials at Home Depot for $200. After the completion of the project, you have $50 in leftover materials that you return back to Home Depot. The returned items will result in a “credit” […]

Auto-classify My Investment Portfolio With Rentastic

Yes! Rentastic now offers a “Classification Rules” feature for premium members. This gives users the ability to set up rules for common or recurring transactions, preventing you from needing to manually categorize these transactions over and over again. Warning: Please keep in mind that misconfigured transaction rules can have detrimental effects to your account and […]

How to Categorize Your Mortgage Payments

Mortgage Payment Categories Mortgage payments are somewhat complicated to account for because they’re composed of multiple pieces packaged together. This gives you a fixed (unless your mortgage is adjustable) monthly price that does not change, which makes it easier to predict expenses. A typical mortgage includes the following: Principal Payment: The portion of the mortgage […]

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